A Thousand Years in a Day

A Thousand Years in a Day
G. Thomas Sharp

When you look at the canyons, mountains, rock layers and fossils of the earth, how do you explain them? Science claims that is the work of thousands or millions of years, but how does this collate with the Bible?

God’s Word has sound, reasonable explanations for the marvelous observations we find on earth, and history has proven His Words are true. In1980 an eleven-year geological process began at Mt. St. Helens that epitomized on a small scale the action and results of the Great Genesis Flood.

The results of this event prove that God can take a natural catastrophe and do the geological work of thousands, even millions, of years over an astoundingly short period of time…even ONE day.

In this program, Dr. Sharp will be your guide through the eye-opening seconds, minutes and days of catastrophic earth slides, tidal-like waves, mud flows and other residual effects of the history-making Mt. St. Helens Catastrophe. You will see with your own eyes the ability of catastrophic action to do the work of thousands of years…IN JUST ONE DAY!

Thousand Years in Day
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