America's Christian Heritage

America's Christian Heritage
G. Thomas Sharp

God rebuked Israel more for forgetting her true history than for any other sin. The reason this was so important to God is that it is impossible to teach history to our children if we do not know it ourselves.

The Church today is presented with the same challenge Israel faced: not to forget our history but to pass it on through the generations. Do you realize that most of our true heritage has been effectively expunged from our children’s textbooks…that God has been essentially removed from our origin?

In this heart-rending presentation, Dr. Sharp reveals that liberal consensus has advanced a political agenda, successfully revising America’s historical record. Much of the biblical source that was responsible for our founding era has been totally removed from popular historical narrative.

America is facing a crisis: we do not understand our true history. Through this exciting program, you will be reacquainted with America’s Christian Heritage.

America's Christian Heritage
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